Using Henri's in a Vuepress project is a little harder by default, because Vuepress comes with Stylus and not with Sass. This documentation is also build using Vuepress and still it uses Henri's.

So how?

1. Eject the theme

You need to eject the theme eject vuepress. vuepress eject, make sure you have vuepress install global to to this npm i vuepress -g.

2. All stylus files are converted to Sass

Vuepress uses stylus by default. All files can be converted, thats quite some work. You can use a tool like: style-converter

3. Install Sass

npm i node-sass sass-loader --save-dev

4. Install Henri's

npm i @henris/next @henris/custom --save-dev

5. Add Henri's to you project

Add the files to your project styles folder. add files

6. Add your stylesheet

Create a enhanceApp.js file in the .vuepress root

export default ({
  Vue, // the version of Vue being used in the VuePress app
  options, // the options for the root Vue instance
  router, // the router instance for the app
  siteData // site metadata
}) => {

7. Move all vuepress files

Move the Vuepress style files into a folder and include that files in your app.scss

@import 'vuepress/index';

8. Done!