Henri's offers the option to choose your outputs, by default it outputs no css at all.

Default settings

To get the default settings add the following code to your main scss file.

@import '~henris/custom-output';
$output: set-output(css,true);

@import '~henris';

All settings

If you want to use all Henris settings you can add the following code to your main scss file:

@import '~henris/custom-output';
$output: set-output(full,true);

@import '~henris';

Customize settings

You can use the same syntax to only add certain settings to your project, you can also add to the default settings by first adding $output: set-output(css,true);.

@import '~henris/custom-output';
$output: set-output(button,true);

@import '~henris';

NB: You need to add the output settings to your css file above the Henris import.

Default settings

Main settings are displayed as bold and purple and can switch the sub settings on or off at once.
F.e. if you want to use button-default you need to first set button to true.

See installation for more information.

name default value
css false
full false
debug true
debug-image-alt true
debug-input-type true
debug-target-blank true
debug-summary-first true
debug-legend-first true
debug-abbr-title true
debug-javascript-link true
debug-detail-list-children true
debug-figcaption true
debug-div true
debug-list true
debug-bad-compute true
background-colors true
text-colors true
custom-properties true
ease-classes false
button false
button-default true
button-colors true
button-sizes true
button-rounded true
button-round true
button-icons true
button-text-transform true
button-rotated true
button-border true
custom-properties-media-queries false
custom-properties-color false
grid true
grid-only false
grid-helpers false
grid-hide-show-classes true
grid-only-classes false
grid-counted-columns true
grid-column true
grid-parts true
grid-offset false
grid-push false
grid-pull false
grid-non-breaking-column false
grid-columns true
grid-cssgrid false
grid-row-breakpoints true
grid-mq-custom-properties false
grid-no-mq-classes false
grid-mq-small true
grid-mq-medium true
grid-mq-large true
grid-mq-xlarge true
grid-mq-xxlarge false
components true
blockquote false
button-group false
card false
code false
code-prism false
color true
color-background-colors true
color-text-colors true
content true
content-link-filetypes false
content-p-notices false
content-list true
content-line-height true
content-row-example false
content-hr true
content-default-link true
content-detail-list false
data-label false
detail-list false
ease true
form false
form-fieldset true
form-form true
form-button true
form-input-text true
form-check-color false
form-check-icon false
form-check-text false
form-checkbox true
form-hidden true
form-radio true
form-range true
form-switch true
form-input true
form-input-colored false
form-textarea true
form-select true
form-label true
form-field true
helpers true
reset true
reset-meyerweb true
reset-extra true
horizontal-rule true
icon true
icons-specific false
print true
navigation false
section true
showmore false
spacing true
table false
typography true
typography-base true
typography-headings true
typography-margins true
typography-usage true
typography-weight-classes false
pattern false
pattern-checkered true
pattern-cubes true
pattern-dots true
pattern-houndstooth true
pattern-lines true
pattern-zigzag true